Organizational Inefficiency Provides Prospects

OCMConsulting can be thought of as simply helping organizations do things better. Whether projects involve implementing complex technology solutions, designing responses to regulatory environments, or other strategic goals, finding a better/faster/cheaper/more efficient way of doing something almost always lies at the heart of the matter. Modern organizational life is ripe for using process engineering tools to help clients run their businesses better.

Common Sources of Inefficiencies

  • Manual Sharing of Documents
    • When spreadsheets and other documents are shared amongst groups, particularly with email, version control can quickly become a nightmare
    • Implementing a defined process for updates and taking measures such as check-in/check-out can help to literally keep everyone on the same page
  • Reorganizations
    • It seems that the bigger organizations grow, the more they reorganize - this can be an opportunity for growth if handled properly
    • Performing process audits can identify what is currently working and what is not
    • A new organizational structure can provide a clean slate to map out processes for teams to achieve desired outcomes
  • Installation of New Tools or Systems
    • New technology solutions can help organizations operate more efficiently, if users buy in, get onboard, and are properly trained
    • The best tools can be wasted if users are not willing to adapt to and adopt the new paradigm
    • Using a process map from the onset can help align users to a new tool or system, and help them understand the desired outcome and method of achieving that outcome

Ask Why

Consultants can provide considerable value by taking the time to ask clients why they do things a certain way. If the answer is some variation of "because we've always done it that way" then chances are opportunities for improvement abound. Using process engineering tools and techniques can discover root causes of inefficiency and help clients realize greater business benefits, which provides them with high quality service.