More business than ever before is conducted in a digital space, we are seeing a fight for customer engagement and brand affinity. Digital transformation is about developing complex consumer and business applications, doing it quickly, and analyzing and responding to customers' shifting demands. A well-engineered transformation is your best opportunity to delight a customer and win them as a long term advocate. New independent research from Forrester Consulting shows the importance of three components: engineering discipline and rigor, agile development practices, and mature DevOps for successful third party digital transformation projects.[1] Additionally, it finds that U.S. services firms consistently get businesses to market quickly with more innovative and targeted solutions because they excel in these areas.

In this Video Case Study series, I'll walk you through what it takes to stay competitive when the customer is driving business strategy in a digital landscape across various industries including financial services, retail and consumer packaged goods.

Video Case Studies:

[1] Onshore/Nearshore Services Thrive In The Age Of The Customer: Selecting The Right Partner For Your Company's Digital Transformation, May 2016. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CapTech. Base: 300 IT and business professionals of U.S. enterprises with 1000 or more employees responsible for decisions related to third-party service providers.