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Welcome to our podcast where we feature thought leaders and subject matter experts to discuss emerging technology, design, and project methodology. Our goal is to unite diverse skills and perspectives to show how data, systems, and ingenuity can transform and enable organizations to advance what’s possible in a changing world.

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Impact on Financial Institution Customers

What is the real impact of COVID-19 on financial institution customers' financial lives? How can innovation help bridge the gap between a financial institution and their customers during these challenging times? These are questions CapTech sought to answer in our recent research conducted in March and then revisited in May of 2020. This research provides insights into customers’ financial decisions, attitudes toward future habits, and perception of their financial institution’s response to the pandemic. Our experts share insights from our findings, provide recommendations to help financial institutions better engage with customers, and identify opportunities in our “new normal” environment. Listen now.

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Conversational technologies play a significant role in current, rapidly changing business dynamics. Chat bots, text bots, natural language processing, and other technologies provide extra value to customers in this contactless environment. Listen to hear what different industries are doing and simple ways to consider rolling out this type of technology.

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Formally centralized enterprise architects have now migrated to be distributed architects working within functional teams to alleviate pain points; however, it is now evident that we have traded one set of problems within the old way for a new set of problems within the new way. Where does enterprise architecture perform best within an organization?

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State agencies can improve systems and services during the change and constraints brought on by COVID-19. Adam Hofheimer and Dr. David Sprick, an operations administrator with the Kansas Department of Labor’s Division of Workers’ Compensation, tackle issues around people management, scheduling and queuing of in-person activities, creating efficiencies, and opportunities for innovation.

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CapTech Agile Coaches discuss how to run an effective remote standup meeting amidst the unique circumstances of COVID-19. The speakers share how teams, both familiar and new to daily standups, can find their groove and improve standup meetings in this virtual environment.

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As the global pandemic continues, CapTech thought leaders dive deeper into what makes a high-preforming team effective, especially while delivering remotely. The speakers share agile principles, best practices, and immediate changes that can be made to support teams amidst this new environment.

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How have Agile, DevOps and Modern Architecture prepared development teams to continue to deliver in this socially distant and remote work environment? Dennis Bowne, a Principal who leads services at CapTech and who built our Agile practice area, joins us along with Jack Cox, a Fellow who leads innovation at CapTech.

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Vinnie Schoenfelder


Vinnie is Chief Technology Officer and plays a large role in helping define services, forge partnerships, and lead innovation for our clients. As a thought leader, he regularly helps clients solve their most complex business challenges.

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Jack Cox


Jack has over a decade of experience helping Fortune 500 clients build mobile and device strategy. He is responsible for the firm’s mobile practice and is a frequent speaker on mobile development and best practices.

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