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From Vision to Build

We help our clients identify and develop meaningful change to stay agile and competitive.

Supporting Services

Depending on where you are in your innovation efforts, you may need to leverage one or all of CapTech’s service lines.

In an era of unprecedented business and technological disruption, innovation is more important than ever. Developing a focused, strategically-aligned growth program keeps companies agile and competitive while channeling, prioritizing, and resourcing the right ideas for your business. Too often though, organizations are too reactive and struggle to successfully deliver meaningful change.

CapTech can facilitate your innovation practice from vision to build — while providing oversight in between. Don’t let good ideas fail or invest in products with unclear value. We’ll help you build a repeatable innovation practice that can keep you one step ahead of your competitors for years to come.

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The Innovation Journey


Make sure you know what you’re trying to accomplish with innovation.

  • Define Strategy
  • Organize Governance
  • Identify Essential People
  • Set Targets


Don’t let good ideas pass you by, and don’t waste time on pointless projects.

  • Domain Expertise
  • Consumer Insight
  • Model Analysis
  • Ideation
  • Concept Refinement


First, it’s a concept — now let’s make the case to turn it into something actionable.

  • Business Case
  • Risk Assessment
  • Architectural Fit


Build an innovation portfolio to ensure your ideas and initiatives line up with your priorities.

  • Assess All Cases
  • Risk-adjusted Prioritization
  • Pipeline
  • Reporting

Build & Launch

Balance rapid iteration with the architecturally sound techniques that help scale with legacy systems.

  • MVP
  • Architectural Alignment
  • Iterative Build
  • Go to Market


Build your product or system in a way that allows you to scale to demand without reengineering.

  • Build into Legacy Systems
  • Org Ownership
  • Incentive Alignment
  • Housing / Hosting

Client Stories

Gaming for Responsible Spending Habits

A top-five US Bank sought to create ways to motivate college students to increase their financial acumen while generating brand loyalty. Their goal was to teach Millennials better money habits in an increasingly complex and digital financial landscape.

To help the bank reach this elusive audience required an inventive solution that was unique to their industry — so they turned to CapTech to help them innovate. Together, we partnered to explore multiple concepts and determined that gamification was the best way to tackle this goal.

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Innovation Allows Good Ideas to Flourish

A Fortune 500 Global Insurance Holding Company had a wide array of innovative initiatives that were stalled within legacy development processes. The issues were largely due to a lack of focus, visibility, and prioritized resources. Further, a significant number of ideas had been generated and approved at senior leadership levels but remained idle due to lack of bandwidth.

CapTech helped to align senior leadership focus and expectations, while building an innovation strategy, culture, team, process, and governance agenda to predictably deliver innovation initiatives.


Supporting Services


The design work can be broken down into very small, discreet, short iterations. It’s the combination of research and art that brings an idea along to drive engagement among senior leaders and stakeholders and to help them envision opportunities.


    Modern data is increasingly unlocking and propelling innovation. Capturing, ingesting, placing, storing, and enabling analytics around data is something that can be applied to most innovation initiatives.


      Having mature development can help you work very quickly in short burst iterations to get ideas up, tested, and evaluated — all while keeping an eye toward the future to be sure that if something does scale, it will be able to work within your legacy systems.


        Ultimately, Innovation is predictably introducing change that matters. CapTech focuses heavily on Program Governance & StrategyAgile Transformation, & OCM resources for successful implementation.

          Rick Ainsworth

          Rick Ainsworth

          Managing Director

          Rick is a senior executive who leads CapTech’s Columbus, OH office, as well as our Innovation practice. He is an accomplished business leader with over 20 years of insurance, innovation, strategy, and operations experience with Fortune 500 companies and large State Government agencies.

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